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Thursday, November 19, 2009

It's National Ammo Day today!

I have been so remiss this year, I didn’t even get the National Ammo Day logo up on display this year, so apologies for that. But it is 19 November, the day we celebrate our right and opportunity to clean the dealer’s shelves of the ammo of our choice. Your obligation is to get out and buy at least 100 rounds of the ammo you favor, just because you can.


Foolishly, I forgot about the holiday just yesterday afternoon when I visited Impact Guns and bought myself 50 rounds of Colibri 22LR ammo so I guess I will have to redeem myself with another purchase at Saturday’s gun show…


The Colibri 22LR ammo I did buy is entirely powered by primer charge- there’s no gunpowder in the shell and the bullet is just a 20 grain pointed lead projectile. The sound of the bullet hitting a 1” pine board is louder than the shot! They don’t penetrate that same board either but I am pretty certain they will be just perfect for my purpose.


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